(Types of Fish, Baits, Lures and Frequency)
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|Yellowfin Tuna
|Yellowfin Tuna
|Walking Lure
|Walking Lure

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Types of Fish, Baits, Lures and Frequency Edit

Fish Bait Lure Frequency
Barracuda Tube Lure 20
*Black Marlin Big game Lure 30
Bluefin Tuna Cut Fish, Skipjack Tuna Teasers 10
*Blue Marlin Skipjack Tuna 10
Dorado Baitfish Trolling Lure 20
Red Snapper Clam, Shrimp 10
Sailfish Ballyhoo 20
Skipjack Tuna Walking Lure 10
Wahoo Ballyhoo, Mullet Big game Lure 20
Yellowfin Tuna Walking Lure 10
"Bluey" Skipjack Tuna 0.5

* Biggest Fish

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