Fishing at Nassau is hindered due to well fed fish. Normally fishing here increases the waiting time but this can be alleviated by purchasing the Consumable: Fishfinder.

Types of Fish, Baits, Lures and Frequency Edit


Bait: Lures: Frequency:
Barracuda Tube Lure 10
Bonefish Shrimp Jig 40
Dorado Baitfish Trolling Lure 20
Grouper Cut Fish Soft Plastic Lure 10
Hammerhead Shark Mackerel 5
Mackerel Squid 20
Red Snapper Clam, Shrimp 20
Sailfish Ballyhoo 20
Skipjack Tuna Walking Lure 10
"Skippy" Mackerel 0.4

* Biggest Fish

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