Fishing at Castaic Lake is hindered by the heat. Normally casting the rod here requires two stamina, but this can be alleviated by purchasing the Property: Umbrella

Types of Fish, Baits, Lures and Frequency

Fish: Baits: Lures: Frequency:
Black Crappie Insects 20
*Catfish Dough 20
Largemouth Bass Crayfish Buzz-bait 40
Rainbow Trout

Plastic Worm

*Salmon Minnow-plug 10
Smallmouth Bass Buzz-bait 20
Striped Bass Clam 20
*Sturgeon Wobbler 10
Walleye Nightcrawlers Swimbait 20
White Crappie Insects 20
"Leviathan" Crayfish 0.5

* Biggest Fish

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